Testing the plugin

Tests are written in 2 separate folders:

  • tests/unit: testing code which is independent of QGIS API

  • tests/qgis: testing code which depends on QGIS API


  • QGIS 3.16+

python -m pip install -U pip
python -m pip install -U -r requirements/testing.txt

Running tests

# run all tests with PyTest and Coverage report
python -m pytest

# run only unit tests
python -m pytest tests/unit

# run only QGIS tests
python -m pytest tests/qgis

# run a specific test module using standard unittest
python -m unittest tests.unit.test_plg_metadata

# run a specific test function using standard unittest
python -m unittest tests.unit.test_plg_metadata.TestPluginMetadata.test_version_semver

Using Docker

Build the image:

docker build --pull --rm -f "tests/tests_qgis.dockerfile" -t qgis_316:plugin_tester .

Run tests:

docker run -v "$(pwd):/tmp/plugin" qgis_316:plugin_tester python3 -m pytest

Please note that will use the root rights on some folders.